The Elusive Miss Jean Louis

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Much has been speculated about the early life of Miss Jean Louis.  Much more will be said… right now.  All of this is speculation drawn from what little information is available.  They don’t call her elusive for nothing.  However, upon digging in to what little factual evidence can be found about her, several conclusions can be drawn.

1. It is known with absolute certainty that she was born in the year 2085.

You may be asking what evidence there actually is of this.  I have included an image below to back up these statements.


2. From item #1 be can deduce that she is in fact a time traveler.  We don’t know for sure but we believe that she arrived in our time in 2005.  An anonymous source sent me this image of what he (or she– anonymous after all) claims was Jean’s time machine.  The source says that Jean left it in his back yard, promising to come back for it “in time”.



3. She has a mission.  What that mission is we can only speculate upon.  Some have said it is to save the whales so that a space entity does not destroy the future earth.  Some say it is to steal all our tacos because tacos are outlawed in the future.  One thing we know for sure is that a future with no tacos is as deeply dystopian as anything we have ever heard.

No tacos? NOOOOO!

4. She plans to return to the future when her mission is complete.  Why else would she have told our source that she would return for her time vehicle?  We can only hope her plans here in our time are not nefarious and that she returns to her own time safely.

Safe Travels


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