Cyberpunk Soundtrack #5 : Linsdey Stirling and Pentatonix – Radioactive

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Take a look at the setting this whole video takes place in, then put yourself in place as someone who has just walked through miles of this desert, passing multiple cities that are just as abandoned and run down because of the climate. Can you? The first thing that crosses my mind is what kind of person would emerge from such a walk, or even the drive across hundreds of miles of this. Wondering what happened and then what if I was the last one to see this place before it came to this. In my mind this gets a solid 10 for a cyberpunk theme and definitely fits the setting of the badlands in Sindome, or at least what a new character would have traveled through in the beginning. Also if any of you have played Boarderlands or Fallout, then you definitely would know the feel I’m talking about.

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