Cyberpunk Soundtrack #4: Hair

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     Looking at this hair style to me hovers in the area in cyberpunk of the common wealth. You know, the ones who aren’t necessarily rich, but definitely don’t belong in the mix or lower classes in cyberpunk. The feel to it comes off too soft to be bottom dweller but the intentionally messy look leaves to question where in the upper class this chick is. My placement would be with the middle class, just enough money working as a shirt for some corporation with the want to come off as a badass.

     Not saying she doesn’t rock this look very well, she does. I could be wrong though, she could be that corporate media personality that the lower classes would want to relate to. What the media wants all the girls to want to be with that mix of sugar and spice with the messy rocker-chic look. Just looking at the hair, what do you guys think? In the Cyberpunk world where might you bump into this chica and in what kind of situation?

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