Cyberpunk 7 Podcast #1-3: Cyberpunk Overview

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Below are the first three Cyberpunk 7 Podcasts. They cover the basics of Cybeprunk as a genre and the biggest / most compelling contributors to the genre. If you’re looking for a place to start out with Cyberpunk, this is the place for you. The big authors, movies, books and games are covered. Listener feedback is not only accepted but wanted! Get started!

Cyberpunk Podcast #1: What is Cyberpunk? – This is the inaugural episode of the Cyberpunk Podcast.  In this episode we discuss what Cyberpunk is, what it has been and what it can be.  We touch on various different kinds of media including books (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive), movies (The Matrix, Hackers), TV Shows (Person of Interest) and cyberpunk games (Sindome).  The episode is just over 30 minutes long and you can stream it online or download it.

Cyberpunk Podcast #1: What is Cyberpunk?

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Cyberpunk Podcast #2: Starting Out Cyberpunk – The second episode of the Cyberpunk 7 podcast. In this episode I touch on my first experiences with Cyberpunk (Judge Dredd) as well as discussing the anime Psycho Pass, the book Snow Crash, real life issues involving credit card theft and more (including explaining how the Disney Musical Newsies has Cyberpunk themes)

Cyberpunk Podcast #2: Starting out Cyberpunk

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Cyberpunk Podcast #3: Screaming Effups and Compelling Characters – In this podcast we discuss several cyberpunk / dystopian works, such as psycho pass, devil is a part timer, the matrix (gibson) the metaverse, and much much more!

Cyberpunk Podcast #3: Screaming Eff Ups and Compelling Characters
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