Cyberpunk Mixed Drinks from the World of Sindome

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Thanks to some of the players of the text-based cyberpunk role-playing game, Sindome,there is now a “how-to” on making a few of Withmore City’s famous drinks found in popular spots around the dome. The mixed drinks gone over in the video are the “Cinnamon Kiss”, “Brain Scorcher”, “Withmore Car Bomb”, “Zen Milk Bath”, “Orion’s Blueberry Special”, and the “Suicide Bomber”. I personally can’t wait to make these at the next get together I throw, who knows it might even make it a hit.

Below are the recipes to follow so you can make your own at home, if you are feeling up to the challenge of growing a little more hairs on your chest chums and chicas alike. Make sure to let us know what you think, too, after you’ve tried them!

#1“Cinnamon Kiss” – One miniature bottle of Rumplemintz and one miniature bottle of Goldschlager served over ice in a ‘bucket’, or some wide mouthed jar.

#2“Brain Scorcher” –  Fill shot glass more than half way with pepper infused Liquer, 2 counts of Gin, a half teaspoon of Irish Creme, and a few dashed of Black Pepper (Gun Powder), then light on fire.

#3“Withmore Car Bomb” – Dissolve two spoonfuls of sugar in a third cup of water and set aside. Grab a tall shot glass, filling with half a miniature bottle of Absinthe and an equal part Grenadine. Top off with the sugar water.

#4“Zen Milk Bath” – In a tumbler mix a vial of chilled Sake, two miniature Vanilla Vodkas, half as much Almond Milk (or any milk), and a miniature of Irish Creme or Kahlva then shake. Grab a chilled martini glass and pour the contents of the tumbler in, adding some Vanilla Bean as garnish.

#5“Orion’s Blueberry Special” – In a tumbler pour in two miniature Blueberry Vodkas and a miniature of Gin, then shake well. Grab a martini glass, adding a half handful of Blueberries (six-seven berries) and pouring the cocktail of the tumbler over them.

#6“Suicide Bomber” – Put some sugar chunks (shards of glass) in a shot glass with whatever liquors you have left lying around.

Drink up, bakas!

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