Cyberpunk 7 Podcast #6: Cyberpunk Ketchup

Catch-up (or Ketchup) on all things Cyberpunk!  Books, movies, TV, music, games!

Show Notes:


Samarui Jack


Mr. Robot

-USA already renewed for season 2

Psycho Pass Season 2


Orphan Black

-Season 1 and 2 are on Amazon streaming

-Secret Clones

-Shadow Organizations

Dark Matter

-Mega Corps

-Firefly with mercs




-Coming back for a final season


Minotirty Report show

-Fox, so probably will get cancled

Almost Human

-Canceled but solid season

Life on Mars (70s)

-Canceled but full arc, if you like it, check out the british version and the sequel Ashes to Ashes set in the 80s

Rick and Morty




Spotify in general

-Link in show notes to Cyberpunk playlist


Die Antwoord


Dangerous by Big Data / Joywave



Ex Machina

-Haven’t seen but keep hearing that it’s great



Storm Code



Data and Goliath Bruce Schneier


-Talk about book signing / talk


-Easier and less expensive to keep everything than to figure out what to keep


Ready Player One

Chronicles 2, in progress, talk about different approach


Cyberpunk Slang

-Insert from SD Cyberpunk Slang #1

Baka – Fool, Idiot.


Website Submissions

-Short Fiction

-Cyberpunk Art

-Cyberpunk Selfies






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