Cyberpunk 7 Podcast #4: Sultry Cyberpunk Sound

In this episode we talk about Cyberpunk Music!  Numerous different artists including Deltron 3030, Rage Against the Machine, various soundtracks and more are discussed.  I also begin incorporating listener feedback and suggestions! Thanks to everyone that e-mailed suggestions and feedback!

Show Notes:

Podcast #4: Sultry Cyberpunk Sounds

Music, it sets the Cyberpunk Mood

Music can make a good movie or game great.

Music Recommendations
-Deltron 3030
-Rage Against the Machine
-Futuristic Sex Robotz
-Hackers Soundtrack
Nine inch nails
-Grunge like Elastica, found it through the trailer for Hackers, tell story of 7th grade Teacher and how this basically shaped the music I like
-Halo 3: ODST / Recon Soundtrack
-Listener Submitted
->Mass Effect Soundtrack
->Tron Legacy Soundtrack
->Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack (fan)
Book Recommendations
-Book: Kilobyte
Web comic fan
A cyberpunk web comic:

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