Cyberpunk Soundtrack #6: The Veer Union – Bitter End

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Cyberpunk, in a lot of cases, has to do with over coming some hidden objective, be it internally or just as a life goal that has been ripped away to some degree. The struggle, the need to find oneself in the chaos of the futuristic world. This song reminds me more so of someone who would be over coming their past. That battle with theirselves up to the breaking point of where they realize they have come too far to just give up. Their past has pushed them this far, either to discover what their purpose is, or to fight past whatever they are running from. What has made them into this devious individual, or better yet what has forced this deceptive persona found in most cyberpunk characters to break into the light, to make them do what they must to make their goal or dream a reality, not just a possibility. I can picture a few characters thoughts following these lyrics as they watch an enemy pass by on the streets below the rooftop they are standing on, in the text-based game Sindome. That internal battle they might be having in their dinky, grimy, dirty cube or apartment as their past flashes before their eyes.

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