Cyberpunk Short Story #1

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The screen fades in to a crowded bar. Deep red lights string around the entrances, surround the stage giving it a sort of seductress glow that can’t help but to go noticed as the fuzzed echo of a singer jams on stage. Red lights are also strung about the bar, barely giving light to a few busy bartenders faces briefly as the camera spans out to show the full view, from the random drunk yelling for another round for him and his four friends who are laughing and carrying on to a small man who chats nervously to his companion for the night who looks paid by the hour most likely, and not for cheap.

The camera switches over to a set of ruby red lips drawing on a cigarette, the smoke passing the alluring lips on exhale and flowing out in a dark cloud that blurs out your view before the camera pans out to show her face that holds a coy expression as she gazes out over the evening crowd, almost looking at them like prey.

On the far corner wall by the back door is a vixen of a woman (Kristolia) posted against the wall, with a foot up against the wall as one hand sits in the pocket of her low cut jeans. The other hand casually toying with a curved edge sword the is strapped into a loop of her black, chrome studded belt that flickers occasionally as she shifts, catching the dull red lights from the bar. The red glow from the ‘EXIT’ sign falling down to casting a slight shadow over her face but sending crimson highlights through her feathered black hair which cascades over her shoulders and falls to about the middle of her shoulder blades in length. On either side if her you see two hulking helmeted men in all black dull leather armor with two gun holsters, one slung over each shoulder, who don’t crowd her, but are only a step or two away. (Colby and Torren)

The woman (Kristolia) brushes some hair back from her face and turns to the helmeted hulking man on her right (Torren), flicking a nod toward the exit. She stomps out her cigarette on the floor, her gaze lingering on a woman (Flora) who stands over by the bar wearing a bright white and green mini dress that hugs her form, looking to be slightly lost and extremely out of place. Kristolia rolls off the wall and slips out the back door, her two guards not far behind her.

The camera pans in on Flora, seemingly in mid conversation, as she tries to ask the bartender (Walt), a strong jawed but gangly looking fellow, not ugly but not really attractive, for directions. Walt looks about the bar, a cold shoulder turned as he continues to take orders and sends his hands into a an amusement of motions as he prepares each drink and sets them in front of a group of ladies with a crooked grin.

Flora taps a finger on the bar-top, obviously not use to this sort of service where she’s from. “Excuse me?… Hello?..” she barely whispers. She looks about the bar cautiously, before pulling the hem of her mini-dress down a bit, a slight blush crossing her cheeks as she turns back to Walt. Growing more and more impatient she can’t help stomp a heel on the floor.

Flora [to Walt]: (In a slightly agitated tone) I -said- excuse me!

Walt twists to look at Flora with a slight growl, “Look chica I don’t know wha’s ya deal but ya gonna have to let me handle my guests, ey?”

Walt turns back around to the group of ladies resuming his cocky, crooked grin that shows a number of yellowed and blackened teeth.

After a few short breaths Flora turns and heads from the bar area and quickly wades through the crowd of evening guests to the back door, turning back to give a small snort in Walt’s direction though too far to be heard, or apparently for Walt to even consider paying much mind to the loud click of Flora’s heels as she practically stomps away. After a moment of giving a disgusted glance about the bar she pushes through the door slipping out of the scene and just as the door closes Walt pulls out his progia-7 grid phone and turns away from the bar.

Walt [to Progia-7] Yeah, jus’ as ya said.. She slipped out the back. She’ll probably be headin’ your way shortly.. if the bitch can find ‘er way outta the damned alley. She a new or just from the third sector?

Walt nods softly before stopping and his low cut brow arching slightly, chuckling out, “Oh yea?” He laughs slightly and moves back toward a door barely visible through the dim light. Just as Walt reaches for the door the camera view switches back to Flora.

Flora is wandering down a dark, wet alley and then ducks behind something, the whole time the camera is only showing her face that has auburn hair pasted to it from the rain, down to about her collarbone. Her breathing a bit heavy, as the camera pans out and shows Flora hiding behind a pile of boxes, her white dress ruined with mud and grime.

From near by you hear, “OooOoooooohhh FFFFLLLOOOOOoooorrrrrrAAAAAAAA??”

From near by you hear, “Come out.. You know you brought this on yourself..”

A shadow oozes along the broken bricks that line the alley, blurred and distorted from rain and the dark of night. The click of heels against asphalt fill the air and just as Flora closes her eyes to calm her breath you see a chrome heel stop right at the edge of the corner where Flora is hiding. The chrome heel is covered, every inch, in sharp spikes about an inch and a half in length. Flora pulls her jacket close and tries to blend in with the shadows. The camera follows the spiked chrome heel up and you get the full view of a shapely hour-glassed figure.

The figure tilts her head back and blows a cloud of smoke and you see a studded belt flicker in the single sap-yellow streetlight that hums angrily. She takes one more step forward and the yellow glow flows over Kristolia’s face partially.

Kristolia says, “I don’t see why you have to keep playing these games Flora… You think I’m stupid enough to believe you didn’t update right before I killed you the last time?”

Kristolia takes a few more deep breaths and rubs her temples and growls, “Or the time before that? Or the time before?… You must really think in that pretty little twisted up head of yours that I’m the one fucked up!”

Kristolia mutters under her breath as she goes to step around the corner just to find no one is there.

The scene fades Black

The room is warmed by the dim morning sun as it leaks through the white sheers hung over the windows as the roar of water sounds from outside. The sheers cascade over the breeze that drifts through the open windows, teasingly complimenting the baby blue walls that have old abstract oil paintings proportionally placed throughout the open spaces. Dark wood accents the floors with curvy plush couches that are a dull spring green. A single small round table sits in the middle of the room view before the screens widens and you notice the view is as if sitting on a king size bed with deep forest green silk sheets tussled. Movements begins as the waking groans of beings stir from behind the camera and the view spins around to show Flora and a tall man with jet black hair and deep blue eyes (Demetrius).

Demetrius smiles fondly to Flora, shifting to push his toned, tanned body against her fragile frame. He reaches out to brush a bit of hair from her face, his eyes smiling in the morning light, and just lets there be silence for a few moments before letting the smile fade from his eyes but a faint smile stays on his lips, “I have to leave in a few hours… but I want you to come with me. It’s safe, comfortable… Plus I get something gorgeous to stare at all day on my way in and out of meetings with our competitors.”

Flora shifts a bit, her face buried in the comfort of Demetrius’ chest, she inhales deeply taking in his scent before looking up to meet his gaze, “But what about..?”

Demetrius cuts Flora off mid sentence abruptly, “-You-… my beloved have nothing to worry about, besides.. the wretched woman will be long gone come Thursday.. and both me and you will be far away when that happens..”

Flora shifts a bit more and crinkles her brow before sitting up, “But if something goes wrong? Who will be overlooking it all?”

Demetrius leans up on his elbow and rakes a hand through his hair, “Nothing… nothing will go wrong.. I have hired the best.. and expect the best.. We will have sacrifices to make.. but we can manage that much.. We’ve been through worse right?” Demetrius smiles gently and reaches to run his hand down Flora’s back, just the fingertips, his eyes tracing the trail to a perfectly dimpled lower back.

Demetrius runs his tongue over the front of his teeth, “Besides… you know me.. I always have to have the best.. would you believe it if you saw me with anything but?”

Flora settles back on the bed holding her gaze on Demetrius, eyes slightly narrowed for a moment before the worry fades from her face. She tilts her head slightly as if running something over in her mind before smiling and giving a small chuckle, “Well alright.. I suppose you make a fair point.” Flora takes a deep breath and rolls from the bed, heading toward the bathroom.

Demetrius watches Flora move from the bed with a small smile before getting up himself and walking over to a couple large suitcases but the door out, rummaging through them pulling out a small black box. He rolls the box around in his palm for a moment, glancing to the bathroom before stuffing it in a different pocket and gathering his clothes from the pile next to the bed. As Demetrius finishes buttoning his shirt he picks up the phone on the end table and removes a small piece of metal and wire.

Demetrius looks over to the bathroom, “My love? You ready to go?”


Demetrius smiles as he walks over to the window twirling the metal between his fingers, before snapping it in two and tossing it out. In a rushed few steps he’s over by the bathroom door as Flora steps out.

Flora steps out and looks to the phone, then to Demetrius with a curious look and gives a few solid nods before grabbing one of the bags by the door and rushing out, Demetrius not far behind her.


The camera switches viewpoints and shows a dark room with Flora kneeled in a corner holding her Progia-11 close to her ear, as she tinkers with a keypad lock.

Flora [to Progia:] (*speaking in a whisper) No you don’t understand the thing won’t open.. I tried every combination it just isn’t opening.

Progia [to Flora:] It has to be one of the three… We saw the combinations with the last bug we had in there… try it again,,,

Flora [to progia:] Demetri.. If I try it more than three attempts it’ll blow up in my face. And I don’t know when they will be back..

Progia [to Flora:] Just do it… try the fifth one down on the list.. Look, you aren’t paid to think… you aren’t paid to give excuses.. Just put the code in..

Flora enters a combination into the keypad lock on a small hatch on the floor and it beeps green twice before popping open. The inside is no bigger than a foot from edge to edge, front to back and holds a stack of documents. Flora rummages through the hatch and pulls out the documents, closing the hatch carefully then flapping a dusty rug over it, dust particles flying everywhere as she makes a run for the door on the far end of the barren damp room. The door swings swings shut in Flora’s face and she turns around to find out where the loud screech of beeping is coming from and see’s a small device emitting a dense cloud of dark blue smoke. She chuckles faintly and raises her helmet over her head touching a small switch at the bottom and you see two vents snap open and a pressure release sound of a hiss escape them.

Flora chuckles out softly, “Gonna have to do better than that my friend.”

The door out busts open after a few moments and two armored guards walk in and tap the jawline of their helmets. A red beam shoots from one side of the helmet and they begin their sweep.

Flora is directly next to the door slightly tucked away in a dip in the wall, the guard closest to her neglecting to look to his immediate left.

Flora stealthily walks up and pulls the hoses connecting to the back of the guards helmets sending them in a slight frenzy for air, then runs through the door and down the hall in long strides, the sounds of her heeled black boots clicking and thudding with each heel to toe stride. She runs down the tunnels of what you would assume to be hallway, but with the dark musky lighting there’s no way to be absolutely sure until she makes it out the exit finally.

Flora bends down and places a hand on her knees, panting lightly and looking behind her to make sure she wasn’t followed. She walks over and places a small round device on the door jam and pushes a few keys before edging back around on the far end of the wall and climbing up a ladder on the side.

Flora is standing on the top part of a roof, looking out over the rooftops, you see smoke rising and fogging the air from nearby buildings as the view pans around and focuses downward looking at the door she just came through.

The small device in the door jam beeps silently, then you hear the thudding of heavy boots coming from just below Flora.

She backs away from the edge and crouches, waiting and just when you hear the click of the lock on the door you see fire and smoke rise from the edge of the roof with a loud ~KERBANG~. Pieces of scrap metal and roof tiles fly through the air, blowing Flora’s hair in the force and rattling as she falls down on the rooftop. Quickly after shaking her head she hops down from the above roof landing and climbs over a few bodies and darts back down the hall passing the occasional door or window before taking a sharp left down a hall and out another door with a ladder strung on the side of the building.

The camera pans out to Colby and Torren following close behind up until they reach the exit and look out trying to find sight of Flora. Torren removes his helmet and throws it to the ground looking over to Colby. You see a small vein begin to protrude as he glares at Colby, “I thought you saw where she went?”

Colby [to Torren:] Mano I’m sorry she’s a quick’n.. she darted past before I could make the grab and you try seein’ what the fuck is goin’ on when it feels like a cunt is sucking the life outta yer lungs.

Torren [to Colby:] You were suppose to check the entry way when we first walked in… first through the door make sure the goddamn path is cleared.

Colby says, “She yank’d out mah air coil.. I couldn’t fuckin’ breath.. Besides I ain’t the one gonna get my ass chewed when Kristolia hears you lost her again..

Torren takes a couple long strides and grabs Colby by his shoulder length autumn orange hair and slams his face against the wall next to the exit, “Watch your damned tongue..”

Colby squirms free and moves away from Torren, “Ay, it ain’t my fault she gets just in arms length.. what the hell was she carrying anyway?” Colby continues to rub the back of his neck, then touches the side of his face just above his right eyebrow and pulls his hand away showing a few specks of blood. He twitches his eye slightly before bringing his fingers to his lips and tasting the blood. Colby mutters, “Damn.. tastes like oil…”

Torren looks over to Colby, noticing the blood on Colby’s eyebrow having a slightly bluish tint. Torren looks away and begins to curse under his breath, he looks back to Colby before slamming his fist in the door and disappearing down the hall.


The room is all white and glows with such cleanliness, it’s almost too clean. A large white coffee table sits between two large white couches with a large white desk in the back with a white plush swivel chair to match. White roses flow upward out of clear vases as decore throughout the room except for a black vase with black roses sitting on top of the desk, as well as black and white silhouette paintings hanging from the walls in a rather scattered manner. Demetrius is sitting behind the desk in a white suit reading over some documents and tapping at a thin clear screen with a somewhat calm but serious expression with his prominent brow crinkled.

Flora busts through the door covered in filth and grim, clinging a stack of documents to her chest as she pants heavily. She makes her way over to Demetrius leaving a trail of trash and filth marking each foot step and slams the papers on the desk, a dusty shadow casting over the once pure white it now lays on.

Flora huffs out, “There’s your designs…” and places her hands on her hips and casually strolls around the office.

Demetrius doesn’t look up from his work but wrinkles his nose at Flora’s entrance, and says in a low growl, “You know I don’t like filth.” He looks up briefly at the stack of documents, relaxing his expression before looking over at the trail of filth soiling the bright white carpet that blends in with the rest of the room, his expression immediately fixating back into its previous scowl.

Flora continues to pace, “Do you have any idea how nerve racking it is working like this.” She stomps over to the desk making Demetrius cringe slightly as he eyes her filthy boots. She pounds her fist on the desk once breaking his trance, “You said as soon as I moved up to this sector things would be different. You said that all this would stop. I’m tired of doing your wet work hun, I need something more than this.” Her posture slumping, her lower lip poked out in a childish pout.

Demetrius rises slowly and walks over to the mud tracks, bending down to examine the damage, he holds out a hand, “Please just.. just stop stomping your greasy boots all over my poor floor… You have any idea how hard this’ll be for the maid to get out?” Demetrius looks at the floor with a slight pain in his eyes as he pokes at the spot closest to him then wrinkling his nose sourly.

Flora snorts audibly before digging her heel into the carpet a bit more out of Demetrius’s sight with an arrogant smirk. Flora leans back on the desk, “Look I don’t see whats so important about these papers..”

Demetrius looks up abruptly, “You dun see how that’s important?” and points to the stack on the desk, “That is our ticket to being care free for a very long time Flora… It’s the designs for the reconstruction nanos… No matter how ill you are, no mater how much you get cut or blown up… Those right there.. will make you practically immortal.” Demetrius grabs at his temples softly letting out a groan.

Flora rushes over and kneels down beside Demetrius, laying a hand on his shoulder. He pushes away and walks back over to the documents and rummages through them. Flora rises from her position on the floor and lets her gaze follow him, a look of concern printed on her features. Demetrius slides back down in his chair and continues to read, “She need to be eliminated.. no trace of where this came from..”

Flora hesitates for a moment before turning to leave the room, taking a final look behind her before pressing a button and allowing the door to close slowly.

The screen fades in from black back to the alley where Kristolia was standing in the beginning.

Kristolia steps around the corner and looks down the dark alley with disappointment. She mumble’s under her breath, “God damnit.” and throw’s her cigarette to the ground. She punches a number in her progia and waits patiently as it rings.

Progia [to Kristolia]: *the other end picks up

Kristolia [to Progia]: Torren you meat head baka, get your ass down here.. She made another run for it.. I want her alive if you catch her.

Progia [to Kristolia]: We already have her… by the old mill.. You sure you don’t want us to put a

bullet in her now?

Kristolia [to Progia]: (A deep growl in her voice) I said I want the scrawny she devil -ALIVE-..

Kristolia flips her progia closed and mutters to herself, “Hired help I swear.. don’t know how to take orders for the life of’m.” She makes her way through twists and turns of back alley ways, the click of her chrome heels echoing with each determined step, pushing her way through a group of homeless, or maybe they are the bottom dwellers that are just out for the night.

The group of filthy people dressed in rags look at Kristolia with a snarl but turn quickly back to being huddled around their small fire that has what looks like a huge rat roasting in the middle of it.

Approaching an enormous building with more than a few broken windows and cracks running up the concrete walls, the railing on a nearby staircase rusted and weathered like a bomb had hit then it was left to deteriorate much like the rest of the buildings surrounding it, you wonder how it could still possibly be standing. Bits of rubble fall from the roof tops in the night breeze and the distant sound of an alarm screams for attention, meanwhile in the street a few urchin children dressed in little more than paper bags go chasing after a stray dog throwing rocks and bits of trash at it. They laugh in amusement at the dogs suffering and continue their torment well down the street before a passing car hits the dog finally putting it out of its misery, and possibly feeding the little pack of wolfed children.

Kristolia makes her way around the corner where the feral children rip at the dead animal laying in the street, a steady stride as she grows nearer to the sketchy mill.

From the back right corner of mill you suddenly hear ~BANG~ followed by some shouts and loud rustling.

From nearby you hear, “~BANG!~.. ~BANG!~”

Kristolia busts into a sprint and rounds the corner to see Flora, leaned against the wall casually though she is beaten pretty bad, covered head to toe in bruising, scraps, and filth. Flora’s skirt of her mini dress is torn and baring the right side of a well toned ass cheek, the one thing that is actually covering her groin is a small flap of what is left from her once new looking mini dress. Laying at Flora’s feet are two bodies, at a closer glance you can tell by hair and armor, it was Kristolia’s two guards laying in a puddle of blood mixed with what looks like oil and grim.

Kristolia freezes in her tracks for a log moment looking at Torren’s lifeless body before looking over to Colby’s. The camera pans in to take a closer look at the blue liquid oozing from Colby’s ears and eyes. Kristolia blinks a few times and furrows her brow distastefully. She quickly puts on a coy smile as she lets her gaze roam over Flora exposed form, and bites the corner of her lip.

Flora wrinkles her nose at Kristolia’s lingering eyes and spits on the ground, “What the fuck are you looking at… enjoying your cheap thrill while you can get it?”

Kristolia chuckles dryly and begins to take a few slow casual steps toward Flora, “Babe you always were a feisty one… we could’ve ran this market.. Flo, we could’ve ran this sector.. you know what people down here would give for something like this?”

Flora looks down, “Don’t call be that… You gave up that right a long time ago.. We both know you never cared for me.. just what I had..”

Kristolia stops in her tracks, a look of mock hurt sweeping over her face before spreading into a malevolent grin, “Don’t try to flip the script now sweet puss… I know you’ve been sleepin’ wit’ Demetri long before I ever set eyes on that one tramp..”

Kristolia waves her hand through the air, “Now lets cut to the chase” and takes a few more steps closer to Flora, “Where are the mechanic designs for the Nanos?”

Flora pushes herself closer to the wall, gripping the fabric of her mini dress that still hangs over her other thigh, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…love-button..” and smiles mockingly in return.

In a few quick strides Kristolia is inches away from Flora and forcefully pushes her against the cold concrete wall with her body, slipping a knee up between Flora’s thighs and letting one hand dance around the handle of her blade as the other reaches up to brush some of Flora’s hair away from her neck but not before getting feel against Flora’s almost exposed breast.

Flora inhales sharply, closing her eyes. She grinds against Kristolia’s knee, pushing her pelvis away from the wall slightly and bites her lip. She opens her eyes and whispers in Kristolia’s ear, “You gonna fuck me or kill me?”

Flora raises an eyebrow curiously, “Or both?” and chuckles darkly.

Kristolia puts her face in Flora’s neck and inhales slowly taking in her smell before kissing the soft skin of her neck, nipping at it as she pulls away.

Flora smiles, a devilish one at that and in one swift motion reaches down to her covered thigh and pulls out a zmi magnum .357, flicking off the safety and pressing it to Kristolia’s temple. She says sadly, “I would’ve given you anything…” and kisses Kristolia on the cheek before taking on a numb facial expression and pulling the trigger.

Kristolia’s body falls to the ground in a heap of lifeless mass as blood splatters all over Flora’s left side.

Flora lean’s down to give Kristolia’s dead form one last kiss and closes Kristolia’s eyes, “All fair game when you fuck with the bitch with the boom-stick babydoll.” and rises, walking off and disappearing around the corner from the alley.

~The screen fades black.~

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