Cyberpunk Fashion #3: Clothing

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Lets take a look at the ‘have nots’ in the cyberpunk culture. They live at the bottom, in an endless struggle to make it to the top, or they are looking for ways to survive by screwing over their other ‘have not’ brethren. Clothing would not be cheap for the common have nots, nor easy to come across or keep! They wouldn’t have the nice synthetic materials that would be readily accessible to the ‘haves’. You know those rich corporate citizens with all the luxuries that come with being a corpie, from the comfort of synth-cotton to decent food that wasn’t found or harvested from some unknown substance. What would be readily available to the bottom class citizens with absolutely nothing?



If you haven’t guessed by the picture above, plastic bags. Today’s mixer fashionista is rocking a plastic trash and grocery bag dress. You are walking down the street dressed in stained rags on your way to your local bar, bummed out you can’t make it to a party going on in the more luxurious parts of town and a trash bag blows into your face. You get a wonderful idea! You spend the next few hours collecting any type of plastic bag you can find, then taking them back to your little cube that is no bigger than you can stretch your arms out (and sometimes not even that big). You hastily take out a lighter you found a few days prior on the side of the road and melt the ends of the bags together to fit tightly against your form. Who wouldn’t be envious of this crazy diva style? And who cares if they aren’t, after spending your life in the slums would those pampered corpies really risk having to buy a new face mold just at the risk of making a snarky comment? Only one way to find out.

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