Cyberpunk Fashion #2: Make-up

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When you think of cyberpunk, what is the first style that pops into your mind make-up wise? I see a lot of candy-pop-punk, the bright colors contrasted against the really dark shadowy outlines. When I refer to bright colors, I’m talking about those neon blues, greens, and pinks. The style looks like someone walked into the wrong end of a Sharpie factory during a life or death competition against Light-bright and the makers of glow sticks. (I have to say, I would love to see a skit of something like that.)


Though personally, I have never been a fan of pink, how her eyes are outlined and then the shade of blue her irises are, against the bright pink on the pale complexion – really pops. The look is very clean and almost bland, almost too clean and up-kept if it wasn’t for the pink eye band, which is why I put it under futuristic but not punk. It draws attention right where it should be in the picture above, even though it’s not so much punk as it is futuristic candy-pop from the hue and abundance of the pink make-up going from temple to temple. In the online role-playing text-based game, Sindome, I would picture corporate workers to pull this look off very well with their cold suit and tie demeanors. In the picture below however, the heavy applied dark eyeliner against the blue really sticks out and would definitely fall into the candy-pop cyberpunk category, and what I would see the lower levels of a dystopian future to embrace.

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What I have noticed is most of the models that I’ve seen with a “cyberpunk” labeled look in their pictures, have their makeup really dramatized. The aim that is sought out for the look is really edgy and a bit eclectic in a totally different sense. The darkened edginess of the black or very dark earthy colors mixed with a bright bubblegum color, for an innocent goth appearance. Also, the dark and bright contrast really takes away from blemishes, since the eyes are so distracted focusing on the most common feature found attractive (Eyes and lips – The parts of our faces that we speak the loudest with when we’re reading someone else’s body language.) From the hair to the eyes, and then to what can be seen of her recycled accessories, her candy-pop-punk look, looks pretty cyberpunk in my book.

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